Nebraska Family Alliance

Photo: Nebraska Family Alliance prayer gathering in May 2019

This is the story of the Nebraska Family Alliance, the lobbying organization that turns Nebraskan conservative Christian fear into law.

Take action against
Nebraska Family Alliance

  1. If your see NFA employees or board members in your business, kick them out. They support legally ejecting LGBTQ Nebraskans from businesses, so there is no need to feel bad about doing the same to them.
  2. Publicize the NFA's board of directors list on social media or in any other way you can. Many of the board members don't want to be known for their work. Make them accountable for and ashamed of their actions.
  3. Support OutNebraska, our state's excellent LGBTQ advocacy group.
  4. Support Nebraska Senators Megan Hunt and Patty Pansing Brooks in their efforts to bring pro-equality legislation before the Nebraska Unicameral.
  5. Speak up in your community. Let people know that being gay is OK in Nebraska. Let people know that women control their own bodies. Tell your neighbors, your church, your friends, and your family.